Research / Publication

Building knowledge through field studies on migration receives special emphasis. In Aajeevika there is considerable research insight across diverse field locations where migration programmes are being implemented. Over the last several years, a good pool of studies has developed, with the efforts of field teams, which lend ground force to Aajeevika's research mandate. Here is a list of research products brought out by Aajeevika. To download the studies, please click on the title.

Title of the Study/Report (Click to dowload) Date of Completion Medium of Study
Aajeevika Working Papers
Creative Practices and Policies for Better Inclusion of Migrant Workers: The Experience of Aajeevika Bureau 2012 English
What's on the Menu ? Understanding Food Habits and Challenges of Migrant Workers in Ahmedabad 2012 English
Towards a Greater Financial Inclusion of Migrants: The role of targeted financial services in mitigating socio-economic risks 2012 English
Political Inclusion of Migrant Workers in India: Perceptions, Realities and Challenges 2012 English
Aajeevika Research Reports
Impact of Male Migration on Women in Left Behind: A Study based in Tribal south Rajasthan 2013 English
Bojh Tale Zindagi: A Study of Headloaders and Porters in Jaipur and Ahemdabad 2013 Hindi
Impact of Bank Linkages on Migrant Workers: A Study of Bank Account Usage and Financial Behaviour of Migrants in Ahemdabad 2013 Hindi
Har Haath ko Kaam:Impact of NREGS on Migrant Households 2010 Hindi
Ho Gayi Duniya Muthhi mein: Impact of Mobile on the Information & Communication Needs of Migrant Workers 2010 Hindi
Takrar se karar tak: Share-crop Contract between Migrant Workers & Farmers 2010 English
Why we come home?: Exploring Return Migration in Gogunda and Kelwara 2010 English
Fiki Chamak: A study of domestic workers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2010 Hindi
Kya Kam Aayi Padhai ?: Exploring Links between School Education, Career and Employment Among Vulnerable Rural Youth 2009 Hindi
Ye Khabar Chhapwa do Akhbar Main Labour in Print Media - Results of a Media Monitoring Exercise by Gogunda Youth Club 2009 Hindi
Neev Ki Eant: Women Commuters in Udaipur Construction Labour Market 2009 Hindi
Koi Yahan Lachar Hai: A Study of Charcoal Workers in Salumbar Block 2009 Hindi
Patthar Ki Lakirean: Working Situation of Stone Carving Workers 2009 Hindi
Impact of Training: Impact of Skill Training on Youth and their Household in Kotra 2009 Hindi
What's on the Menu? Understanding Food Habits and Challenges of Migrant Workers in Ahemdabad 2008 English
(Not) In the Best of Health : Impact of Occupation on the migrant's Health 2008 English
Kaun Sunega Kisko Sunaye ? A Detailed Study on Labour Disputes in Gogunda 2008 Hindi
Khan Khan Se Guzar Gaya ? Study on Early Returnees of Railmagra Study on Early Returnees of Railmagra 2008 Hindi
Occupational Profile of Porters in Ahemdabad 2008 English
Occupational Profile of Construction Workers in Ahemdabad 2008 English
Worrisome Folds: A Situation Analysis of Migrant Labour from Gogunda and Kelwara block in Surat textile market 2007 English
It's not a 'Cool' Job: A Situational Analysis of Ice cream vendors from Railmagra 2007 English
Brick by Brick: Brick kiln workers of Kotda in Gujarat 2007 English
Getting Set to Go: Upgrading Migration Through An Innovative Education Programme(Published in Journal of Education for Sustainable Development) 2007 English
Kam ki Zimmedari Meri: A Study of Contractors of Kelwara 2007 Hindi
Solah Vijeta: Profile of Successful Migrants 2007 Hindi
Beyond the Seas: Issues in Long Distance Migration 2007 English
A Study on Financial Behavior of Migrants from Gogunda and Kelwara 2007 English
A Study of Financial Behavior from Railmagra 2007 English
Impact of male migration on women in south Rajasthan 2006 English
Studies, Stories and a Canvas Seasonal Labor : Migration and Migrant Workers from Odisha 2014 English
THEIR OWN COUNTRY :A Profile of Labour Migration from Rajasthan 2014 English
Unlocking the Urban: Reimagining Migrant Lives in Cities Post-COVID 19 2020 English
Unlocking the Urban - English Summary 2020 English
Unlocking the Urban - Hindi Summary 2020 Hindi
Block And City Migration Profile
Block Migration Profile of Kherwara, Udaipur 2014 English
Block Migration Profile of Kotra, Udaipur 2011 English
Block Migration Profile of Salumbar, Udaipur 2009 English
Block Migration Profile of Gogunda, Udaipur 2008 English
Block Migration Profile of Kumbalgarh, Rajsamand 2008 English
Untold Stories - A city Migration Profile of Jaipur, Rajasthan 2008 English
Lost in Transition: A Study of Rajasthani Migrant Labour in Ahmedabad City 2007 English
Journal Papers
Study of Tribal Migrant Communities - Child Malnutrition in Rajasthan 2016 English
Super-exploitation of Adivasi Migrant Workers - The Political Economy of Migration from Southern Rajasthan to Gujarat 2018 English
No city for migrant women: construction workers’ experiences of exclusion from urban governance and discrimination in labour markets in Ahmedabad 2019 English
Communicable or non-communicable diseases? Building strong primary health care systems to address double burden of disease in India 2019 English