Knowledge Building through Research and Advocacy

Aajeevika Bureau believes that research and practice are closely linked. Understanding the vulnerabilities and needs of migrant workers and their families is an essential first step in delivering the services and solutions they need. We aim to fill current gaps in understanding of seasonal, internal labour migration, and contribute to a growing literature examining this important issue.

Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions

The Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions (CMLS), part of Aajeevika Bureau, produces leading research and knowledge on cross-cutting issues affecting migrant workers and their families. CMLS’ research is particularly focused on individuals and families belonging to Scheduled Tribes, who engage in distress migration, and in precarious work. They may face hardship, exploitation and ill-health at some point in their cycle of migration.

CMLS’ key research themes include: the political economy of informal work and labour migration; occupational health and safety at the worksite; chronic poverty and vulnerability of families living in remote rural areas; living conditions of migrant families at destination, and potential housing solutions; women’s work in key industries such as construction; adolescent girls and migration; and the health and nutrition of migration-affected communities.

The CMLS team is a group of researchers who are committed to building knowledge of seasonal, labour migration in India. They are former public servants, journalists, scholars and NGO practitioners, with educational backgrounds from Harvard University, ISS the Hague, Institute of Development Studies - University of Sussex, Kings College London, University of Cambridge, and Delhi University. The CMLS team works closely with field officers across Aajeevika Bureau’s 13 offices to carry out robust primary field research. To contact the CMLS’ team, please email us on

Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions

  • Knowledge hub working at the intersection of research and practice, creating leading research based upon in-depth field studies
  • Over 40 research studies on internal, labour migration
  • Regularly published in leading academic journals, and in top news outlets 
  • First to create a Migration State Profile for Rajasthan (of any Indian state), now regularly referenced and used by Government and NGOs
  • Leading regular policy roundtables with the ILO and with State Governments, to gain commitments to migration policy
  • First to bring 30 NGOs across ten states of India together to design migration programmes
  • Offering the first-ever Orientation Course in Labour Protection and Migration Services, for field practitioners. In partnership with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and Patna, the course seeks to bridge the divide between academia and practice through a two-way feedback loop and deepen knowledge on labour migration.