Identity Solutions For Migrant Workers

In response to the lack of documentation and valid identity proof among migrant workers, Aajeevika Bureau offers a comprehensive registration and Photo ID service. The Photo ID is an immensely popular offering and well over a thousand cards are issued every month to migrant workers.

Aajeevika Bureau's Photo ID is authorised by the Government of Rajasthan's Department of Labour through an official order issued in 2008. It is backed by a simple form which captures important demographic, occupational and migration related information. The information is verified and the card is signed by the Sarpanch - the elected head of village Panchayats.

This simple yet powerful innovation has gone beyond being just a proof of identity - it is also serving as a gateway to several services for migrant workers. There are several instances where the Photo ID has helped workers avoid undue harassment by police in far off locations. The Photo ID card is also being accepted as an identity proof for access to a number of social security schemes of the government.

Registration and Photo ID has helped the larger goal of creating a valid database of migrants. This database is shared with the government regularly and it contributes to the development of a legitimate migration profile of the state.