Providing Health Care Services

In communities with high levels of distress migration, there is also heavy burden of disease and malnutrition. On account of adult male's absence and erratic availability of cash, families defer treatment when ill, and fall into indebtedness due to healthcare expenditure. Women, who are often left behind, juggling between many roles, tend to neglect their own healthcare needs and may find themselves stretched to provide adequate care for their children.

Aajeevika Bureau recognizes poor access to healthcare as one of the major problems faced by migrants and their families, making them even more vulnerable to ill health and indebtedness. As a response, a migrant friendly health initiative known as AMRIT has been launched in South Rajasthan.

AMRIT Clinics: Providing migrant friendly primary health care services

AMRIT clinic is a clean, spacious and patient friendly clinic, serving under-served populations, characterised by high levels of male migration. At a nominal cost of Rs 50/-(inclusive of drugs and lab tests), it provides ambulatory (out-patient) services from 9 am to 5 pm, from Monday to Saturday, and provides maternity services round the clock on all days. The clinic offers:

  • Assessment and treatment of common ailments among women, children and men: Including reproductive tract infections, tuberculosis, pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and hypertension.
  • Antenatal Care for pregnant women and normal delivery services by skilled staff.
  • Common laboratory tests: Haemoglobin, urine routine & microscopic examination, Malaria test (rapid diagnostic kit as well as microscopy), blood sugar, pregnancy test and microscopy for TB.
  • Dispensing of drugs: About 110 essential drugs are available and dispensed to the patients
  • Counselling on nutrition and contraception

Through the Primary Care Nurses, health workers and community volunteers, AMRIT Clinics, in collaboration with local health systems, have significantly expanded the community based preventive and promotive healthcare services in high migration regions. Within the AMRIT initiative a network of creches and day care centres (Phulwari) for young children are also being run to manage severe malnutrition among children.