Worker's collectivisation

Migrant workers engaged in sectors such as construction, brick kiln work, head-loading, small manufacturing, domestic work and agriculture etc are an unorganised and dispersed workforce. As a result they are unable to demand better wages and oppose exploitation at work place. Their seasonal presence in the labour markets makes it difficult to create longer term organisations and leadership among them.

Through mobilising and promoting occupation based collectives Aajeevika Bureau has helped migrant workers come together to find solutions to their common problems. The collectives act as pressure groups for resolution of disputes with employers and step in with support for member workers in distress. In many cases workers collectives are playing an active role as intermediaries in state's social security schemes intended for unorganised sector workers.

Since construction workers comprise the single largest workforce, the largest number of collectives has been formed among them. Aajeevika Bureau has also promoted membership based trade unions of construction workers (in Udaipur) and head-loaders (in Ahmedabad) while pushing for inclusion of migrant workers issues in mainstream labour movement.