Team Aajeevika

Aajeevika Bureau is an energetic collective of dedicated members in field, programmes and administrative roles who share the common vision of providing dignity to migrant workers and their lives. Here is a profile of some of our senior team members:

Rajiv Khandelwal is the co-founder and Executive Director of Aajeevika Bureau. Rajiv earned a degree in rural management at the prestigious Institute of Rural Management, Anand. For over 25 years he has worked as a development practitioner specialising in poverty, social security and livelihood programmes for rural communities in Rajasthan. Rajiv leads the programmes and administration functions at Aajeevika Bureau and is also in charge of strategic oversight, liaison, fund raising and internal capacity building of the AB team. Rajiv was elected as an Ashoka Fellow in 2005 and as the India Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010. He can be reached at

Krishnavatar Sharma is the co-founder and Programme Director and in this role he leads all field programmes and programme teams of Aajeevika Bureau. Krishnavatar trained as a lawyer and after a brief practice stint joined the development sector in the late 80s. He brings over 27 years of solid experience of developing programmes and leading field teams. Krishnavatar received the India Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2010 for Aajeevika Bureau's work. He can be reached at

Dr Pavitra Mohan , Director (Health Services) leads the AMRIT health initiative of Aajeevika Bureau. Pavitra is a doctor trained as a paediatrician from Delhi and a public health professional from University of North Carolina. He brings extensive clinical, research and teaching experience of over 18 years. He taught in the RNT medical college in Udaipur, worked for a leading public health NGO in south Rajasthan and later joined UNICEF where he managed UNICEF's child health programmes nationally. After a stint of 9 years in UNICEF, Pavitra returned to Udaipur in 2013 to join Aajeevika Bureau as the main incubator and lead for AMRIT health care initiative. He can be reached at

Sanjay Chittora, Programme Manager (STEP Academy) leads the STEP Academy and in this role oversees the range of vocational training, life skills and employability initiatives of Aajeevika Bureau. Sanjay earned a Masters degree in Social Work from Udaipur and after a brief stint with private industry joined the development sector. An old-timer with Aajeevika where he has worked since 2006, Sanjay brings over 15 years of training and programme management experience.He can be reached at

Jitendra Jain, Programme Manager (Finance and Administration) is the main lead of Aajeevika Bureau's finance, accounting and administrative team. Jitendra has an M Com from University of Rajasthan and he brings over 15 years of experience with development organisations. He has been central to designing, developing and managing AB's core finance and administrative functions. Additionally, Jitendra also serves on the Board of Rajasthan Shram Sarathi Association (RSSA) - a financial services company promoted by Aajeevika Bureau and provides guidance to its operations and HR functions.He can be reached at

Amrita Sharma, Programme Manager (Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions - CMLS) earned her degree in rural management from IRMA, Anand followed by a Masters in Public Policy and Development from CEU, Budapest and ISS, The Hague. She leads the CMLS team, supervising its various technical support, teaching, knowledge management and networking functions. Amrita is a keen researcher and writer and brings passion to the labour migration theme within Aajeevika Bureau and its growing community of partners across the country. Santosh Poonia and Priyanka Jain are thematic leaders with the CMLS team with rich experience of research, teaching and training. Santosh is a post-graduate in sociology with considerable research and implementation experience within Aajeevika Bureau. Priyanka has been richly applied to research and technical support functions of CMLS. They all can be reached at

Santosh Poonia, Programme Manager (LEAD Cell Coordination) leads the LEAD Cell and in this role he oversees valuable guidance and supervision to our legal aid and education work for migrant workers and their families. Also plays an important mentorship role in our collectivisation activities. Santosh is a post-graduate in sociology with considerable research and implementation experience within Aajeevika Bureau. He can be reached at

Kamlesh Sharma and Rajendra Sharma are Programme Manager (Regional Coordination) in Salumbar and Gogunda regions respectively. Kamlesh and Rajendra are field based and are charged with supervision of centres and teams located in the two regions. Both Kamlesh and Rajendra are trainers, organisers and programme managers directly available to field teams. They can be reached at and

Abha Mishra, Programme Manager (networking, partnership and advocacy) for supporting Aajeevika Bureau's relationships with local administration, governments, corporate and NGOs. She has a background in journalism and legislative advocacy and played a key role in the initial setting up of Aajeevika Bureau's family empowerment programme. She can be reached at

Rupal Kulkarni, Chief Executive Offcer (Financial Inclusion), RSSA is a young professional leading Aajeevika's mandate on financial inclusion of migrants and enabling wider outreach of social security solutions. Rupal has studied at London School of Economics and University of Mumbai. She can be reached at