Aajeevika Bureau was conceived in 2004 as a response to a growing realisation that migration for work has become central to the survival of rural poor in regions such as Rajasthan. Our research and travel brought to us the harsh realities of distress driven drift of adivasi youth from south Rajasthan to the labour markets of Gujarat, Maharashtra and beyond. As the idea of Aajeevika took seed the question we set out to answer to was - how to make labour migration more equitable and free of hardship in an economy that is galloping forward

Majority of seasonal migrant workers from Rajasthan – as from elsewhere in the country - are in precarious and informal employment. They confront adverse work conditions in return for meagre wages. Their seasonal dislocation from their rural homes is driven by contractors and intermediaries who keep them and their problems invisible. Migrant workers also remain excluded from essential services in cities. Their contribution to the host economy is immense yet they exist on the margins of policy attention. Migrate they must for meeting basic needs – food, housing, health care and social obligations – their rural homes are failing to provide adequate alternatives for survival

Vision and Mission

Aajeevika Bureau's vision is to achieve an equitable and dignified world of work for labouring communities. We focus our work on the seasonal, circular migrant workforce – as this represents a vulnerable segment within the vast spectrum of informal workers. Our mission is to provide lasting solutions to economic and socio-legal problems of migrant workers by blending innovative services with policy, research, and advocacy. To this process it is core to enable strong workers’ organisations – of men and women workers - who are able to articulate and assert their just demands and offer a platform for solidarity to all in the world of work

In the geographies of our direct presence, we function through a network of "Shramik Sahayata evam SandarbhKendra-s” (Workers Facilitation Centres). These centres are located in rural blocks of south Rajasthan and correspondingly, in high density urban centres of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Our interventions support workers in migration sensitive sectors - construction, small manufacturing and processing, hotels and restaurants, transportation, agriculture etc. Aajeevika offers legal aid, skilling and job placement, linkages to social security and protection, financial inclusion, and health care to migrant workers. We also work to build solidarity and assist families affected by migration while actively promoting collectives and organizations of workers. Aajeevika Bureau also hosts a dedicated knowledge centre - Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions - for policy, research, and advocacy on issues of seasonal migration and informal work

We partner closely with organisations in labour movement, academia, government, and industry to collectively contribute to the agenda of welfare and security of migrant workers