Knowledge Building through Research and Advocacy

Our knowledge hub - the Centre for Migration and Labour Solutions (CMLS) – is a team dedicated to building knowledge and policy perspectives on informal work and labour migration. CMLS draws upon Aajeevika’s practice in field locations using participatory tools of inquiry and blends these with wider research evidence to formulate policy positions and arguments.

CMLS’s research inquiries have a strong focus on the structural and political economy questions located at the cusp of labour and migration, gender, occupational safety, labour law, industrial supply chains, and urban governance. These inquiries are grounded in ethnographic action research which reflects concerns arising from the communities we work with. Findings from our research and writing not only directly feed into our programmes but also help us shape policy messages for state, industry, labour organisations, civil society groups and multi-lateral organizations such as the ILO.

CMLS’s outputs take various forms – tools to support grassroots mobilisation and workers’ solidarity groups, collectives, and unions; dialogues with state and industry to demand fairer labour practices and policies; as well as popular media and journal articles. We have contributed quite substantially to several platforms of repute including academic journals, on-line news portals and policy publications. CMLS’s blog Migrantscape, features multilingual insights and reflections from our practice, as well as guest commentaries on issues related to labour and migration.

The CMLS team has developed learning content and pedagogy for labour practitioners and researchers – it leads Aajeevika Bureau’s annual flagship certificate course in conjunction with academic institutions such as Azim Premji University, Bangalore and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

The CMLS team can be reached at To know more about CMLS publications, see our research/publication page.