COVID-19 Relief Efforts

As the COVID-19 lockdown commenced on March 25th, 2020, India witnessed the largest ever exodus of migrant workers from cities. Migrants were the worst hit by the lockdown impositions. With interstate borders shut and with no transport available, several workers remained stranded without work, food, water and in many instances, homeless because of being evicted. There were several Instances of police brutality, hunger and even deaths en route home.

Aajeevika Bureau has been intensively involved in providing relief to stranded migrant workers, daily wagers, and their households to see them through this period of distress. Our relief included emergency food distribution, cash transfers, health care and help to workers in distress reaching out to us through our Labour Line. We also provided travel assistance to migrants attempting to return home. For those migrants who came back to their villages we played an active role in facilitating their linkages to social security schemes and benefits.

Our COVID relief work received immense support from many concerned citizens, civil society groups and donors. With their help we continue to rebuild lives of those affected by the economic slowdown and restrictions imposed by COVID 19.

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