Legal Education And Aid

With the mandate of improving workers’ access to justice, our Legal Education and Aid Cell (LEAD Cell) responds to a large volume of complaints from migrant workers who report wage denials and frauds, disputes, forced work, unfair retrenchments or bondage. We use the tools of counselling and mediation to resolve such cases and offer litigation advice and assistance to needy workers who need support in legal action. LEAD Cell’s mediation and litigation support to workers has been successful in bringing back millions of rupees of wages that would have otherwise been lost in absence of a safe and just platform for registration and redress of disputes

The LEAD team comprises of young lawyers and counsellors who are well trained to work with or piece together the very thin evidence of employment or wage payments that is generally available with workers. A large cadre of para-legal workers identified and trained from the local communities provide the much-needed reach and counselling support to workers seeking help. Leaders of workers collectives and union are now skilled in identifying violations and participating in mediation. Legal clinics and legal education days are the main vehicle of workers’ education, held regularly in high migrant density residential and work clusters

Labour Line: Labour Line is a phone-based helpline for workers operated in partnership with the Government of Rajasthan’s Department of Labour. The toll-free number (1-800–1-800-999) remains open to calls from 8 am to 7 pm every day. The Labour Line is an immensely popular service which receives nearly 5000 calls every month, mainly from Rajasthan and Gujarat. It receives and responds to calls of distress from workers who need urgent support. It also offers valuable information to workers on state schemes and programmes. The Labour Line operates from a call centre set up in the LEAD cell in Udaipur and draws upon the support of a strong network of organizations, social activists, and volunteers who are available for help as the need arises

Childline: The LEAD Cell runs the phone-based counselling and support service for children - Childline – in Pratapgarh district. Childline is a helpline specifically for outreach to children who are victims of abuse, bondage and/or trafficking. It has been set up in partnership with Childline India Foundation, and the helpline centre is based in Pratapgarh. (Rajasthan)